Allison graduated from The University of Melbourne in 2012 and has worked around Australia and the UK. In 2015, she completed a rotating internship at Sydney University where she first developed an interest in ophthalmology. She was then swept up by the adrenalin of emergency medicine in sunny Queensland, during which she also completed a year-long Distance Education Course in ophthalmology taught by our very own Dr Robin Stanley.  

Throughout the years, Allison has kept sight of her interest in ophthalmology. After returning to Melbourne from two years in the UK, she was keen to follow her passion, and joined the team at Animal Eye Care to pursue a residency in ophthalmology. 

In her spare time, Allison enjoys heading out to explore the great outdoors, solving escape rooms, finding cute outfits for her pets Toby and Ellie, and last but not least, a good karaoke session!