Why does my dog have cataracts?

Many cataracts in dogs are hereditary and can appear in middle age or longer. Some cataracts in dogs are due to diabetes and some are secondary to disease of the retina (nerve tissue).

Do I need a referral?

No. Our eye vets in Melbourne will accept patients without a referral, however we prefer that you have seen your local veterinarian so that we can get a full history and examination of your pet.

Why does my dog have conjunctivitis?

Conjunctivitis in dogs may simply be a bacterial infection that responds quickly to antibiotic cream. However dog conjunctivitis that does not respond quickly often means an underlying cause. These may be allergies or dry eye or rarely damage to nerves to the eye.

What is an eye vet?

An eye vet is a veterinarian who has undergone further training to work only in the field of ophthalmology. To become a specialist you need to pass exams held by the Australian & New Zealand College of Veterinary Scientists. A veterinarian in a formal training program to be a specialist is called a Resident. At Animal Eye Care we have one specialist (Robin), one Professional Interest Practitioner (Jane) and one Resident (Dr Matt).