Animal Eye Care associates breed with eye diseases - please refer to the Breed Predisposition information article. We hope you find this helpful when diagnosing a case. Following reading the Breed Predisposition information refer to the Animal Eye Care vets have designed a handout on how to perform an eye exam. We get a lot of requests on our technique for cherry eye surgery - please see below the cherry eye article. If you need further assistance, don't hestiate to give us a call.

ALWAYS consider breed predisposition. Many eye cases in dogs developed because of inbreeding. Just assume that any German Shepherd with an eye problem you see has pannus, Bassets are predisposed to glaucoma, young Bichon Frise often develop cataracts, just assume that all brachycephalics have corneal disease.

Differential Diagnosis include: 1. Haemangioma (usually looks like a blood blister) 2. Melanoma (usually black but can be amelanotic) 3. Limbal melanocytoma (smooth black swelling arising at the limbus) 4. NGEK Nodular granulomatous episcleriokeratoconjunctivitis (pale pink to cream-coloured swellings)

Many see a prominent eye, and think it must be an enlarged (buphthalmic) globe and jump to a diagnosis of glaucoma. This is one possible cause, but there are other possible aetiologies for a prominent eye.

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