cataracts eye conditionCataract surgery is a very involved procedure, and there is a lot of preparation prior to and after surgery. The following options will inform you more about cataracts and the procedure, however if you have any further questions prior to making a possible appointment please do not hestitate to call the clinic.

What Is A Cataract?
A cataract is an opacity of the lens. The lens is normally clear and transparent and when a cataract forms the lens itself goes cloudy.

A cataract is not a film or coating of the eye, but it is the lens protein, inside the lens capsule that becomes becomes cloudy. A cataract can affect just a small part of or the entire lens. Small cataracts may not have any affect on vision. If the cataract involves the entire lens in both eyes then vision will be absent.

In the more advanced cataracts, you may notice that the pupil, which normally appears black, has undergone a colour change and becomes bluish or white. As the pupil opens and closes, this cloudiness may appear larger or smaller. The cataract is simply being covered and uncovered by the iris.

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