Remember that cataracts are not benign, developing and mature cataracts leak previously sequestered lens proteins. This can cause lens induced uveitis (LIU). Diabetics seem to be especially prone to developing LIU. We always use topical and or systemic anti-inflammatories to prevent or treat LIU.

Is my pet a good candidate for cataract surgery?
Cataract surgery is an involved and intricate surgery. We need to make sure that your pet is healthy and is free of any problems that might interfere with the success of cataract surgery. In some older dogs we may recommend that your local veterinarian decided whether your pet requires a physical examination and preoperative blood & urine tests, and in some cases chest x-rays and heart examination.

Cataracts may occur due to a variety of causes such as genetic, diabetes, PRA and age.
The ideal treatment for cataracts is surgical removal via phacofragmentation. This however may not be an option due to various reasons such as medical, financial or old age. Furthermore, cataracts secondary to retinal degeneration such as PRA are not removed. In these cases, medical management will be required.

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