Enucleation is a procedure commonly performed in general practice. It is the policy of Animal Eye Care to refer all routine enucleations back to the referring vet if possible. The indications for enucleation are blind or painful eyes to improve the quality of life for that animal. It is not a technically difficult surgery but there are some tricks to make it go more smoothly.

Reasons for enucleation:
Enucleation is a procedure that is reluctantly performed in both general practice and specialist eye clinics. There are many reasons why enucleation is indicated. These include, buphthalmic, glaucomatous eyes, intraocular neoplasia, severely traumatised globes, uncontrollable enophthalmitis or panophthalmitis, and blind, inflamed eyes in cats. In some eye diseases that will require long term treatment or substantial medical or surgical cost which the owner cannot afford such as chronic keratoconjunctivitis sicca, keratomalacia, corneal perforation with iris prolapse, deep corneal ulceration, desmetocoele, or severe corneal sequestration.