Eye Certification: whats involved?
This is the certificate Animal Eye Care is involved with, if you wish not to have the certificate or refuse to have your animals microchipped for the certificate we will not be able to do the examination.

All adult dogs must be registered with Pedigree papers, and must be microchipped. Litters do not have to be registered with Pedigree papers, however pedigree papers of both parents are required, they too must be microchipped. Each adult dog will go on a separate certificate where as litters will go on the same certificate. (On request Animal Eye Care can do individual forms for litters at an extra cost).

The additional cost and information found during the examination goes towards producing reports of inherited eye diseases for that particular breed. If you wish for gonioscopy (checks the drainage angle of the eye) to been performed it will be an extra fee. Please visit the Australian National Kennel Council at www.ankc.org.au for further information. We especially suggest first time Golden Retriever breed checks to have the gonioscopy done as we are seeing a increase in glaucoma in this breed.

DNA Testing:
We can take DNA swabs to be tested for some hereditary eye diseases in selected breeds. Please note that only some types of PRA can be test for genetically, and annual ANKC-ACES examinations are still highly recommended.

For further information see the Genetic Technologies website at www.animalnetwork.com.au or your breed club.

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