The veterinarians at Animal Eye Care use specialised equipment to examine your animal's eyes. Initially a focal light is used to examine the front of the eyes.

general eye examination

A slit lamp biomicroscope is then used to examine the front of the eye under greater magnification.

A number of specialised tests such as Schirmer Tear testing, application of vital stains, cytology (examination of cells under the microscope), tonometry (measurement of the intraocular pressure), gonioscopy (examination of the drainage angle inside the eye), and refraction (to see if the patient is short or long sighted) may then be used.

The last part of the eye examination involves dilating the pupils. A drop is applied to the eye and the pupil is dilated within 15 minutes to allow a detailed examination of the inside of the eye. This is done with direct and indirect ophthalmoscopy. Our equipment and specialised training allows a thorough eye examination, much more than general veterinarians are able to offer.

The initial eye examination and consultation generally takes 30 - 45 minutes. These services are available at our main practice at East Malvern Monday through to Saturday, with weekly sessions at Point Cook and Essendon's Animal Accident and Emergency Centers, as well as regular clinics in Geelong, Mornington Peninsula (Frankston) and Moe.