Animal Eye Care regularly examines the eyes of exotic pets. These include rabbits, guinea pigs, ferrets, snakes and reptiles. Robin was an ophthalmic consultant for the Melbourne Zoo for over twenty years and in that time examined all sorts of creatures including lions, rhinoceroses, seals and pythons.

  He has also performed cataract surgery in koalas that developed cataracts due to radiant heat damage after bush fires.

Heather has extensive experience in exotic animal ophthalmic practice including cataract surgery on all types of rabbits. She has even performed cataract surgery on an owl and tiger and treated a walrus for glaucoma!

Rabbits in particular are prone to several eye diseases that can be managed medically or topically. These include cataracts caused by the parasite E.cuniculi, blocked tear ducts due to dacryocystitis and other causes, glaucoma, retrobulbar disease, conjunctivitis and entropion.

Guinea pigs are an increasingly popular pocket pet that are also prone to eye diseases. These include fatty eye (pea eye), cataracts due to vitamin C deficiency, ciliary body heterotropic bone formation, conjunctivitis, dry eye and cherry eye.

At Animal Eye Care we also examine many avian species including cockatoos, ducks and chickens.  

To make an appointment for your exotic pet or bird please contact Animal Eye Care on (03) 9563 6488 to arrange a suitable time and location