corneal foreign body

Small Flat Foreign Bodies
These are often vegetable matter. Apply several drops of local anaesthetic and under firm restraint or sedation the foreign body can often be wipe off with a sterile culture swab or flushed off with a stream of sterile Hartmanns solutions. Draw up 10 to 20 mls of Hartmanns solution, and break off a 22 gauge needle so as to leave just the hub. This can then be used to inject stream of water at the foreign body. They will often be easily flushed off.

Deep Foreign Bodies – ie within the cornea
Magnification eg an operating microscope will be required.
Do not try to pull the foreign body out with forceps unless it is protruding well away from the cornea. Often you will just push the foreign body deeper. Use a 26 gauge needle and at least 10 times magnification to try and dig out the foreign body. In many cases, you need to ‘dig’ out the surrounding cornea to create a pathway.