Retinal dysplasia (RD) is abnormal development of the retina. It is seen in a number of breeds at Animal Eye Care. Most commonly we diagnose retinal dysplasia when we are examining breeding dogs prior to breeding as part of the Australian Canine Eye Scheme (ACES).

Eye Certification: whats involved?
This is the certificate Animal Eye Care is involved with, if you wish not to have the certificate or refuse to have your animals microchipped for the certificate we will not be able to do the examination.

PRA – Progressive Retinal Atrophy
PRA is an inherited disease that causes blindness in dogs. Breeds seen most commonly at Animal Eye Care with PRA are Labradors, Poodles, Cocker Spaniels and Australian Cattle Dogs. Most other breeds have been reported to have PRA. Crosses can also be affected with PRA. Cats are also prone to PRA, and is seen most commonly seen in Siamese and Abyssinians.

Why have them?
Eye diseases are important. They can be obvious to owners, or they can result in blindness which can be distressing, or they can result in pain. Unfortunately some eye diseases are common in certain breeds. Checking dogs for eye disease is commonly practice all round the world.

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